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International Productivity Monitor
ISSN: 1492-9759 (print), 1492-9767 (on-line)
Frequency: 2 issues per year

The International Productivity Monitor is a completely Open Access journal published by the Centre for the Study of Living Standards (CSLS) and The Productivity Institute (TPI). The objective of the Monitor is to focus attention on the importance of productivity for improving living standards and quality of life. The Monitor ranks within the top fifth of all economic journals on RePEc with an impact factor of 2.718, and is in the top 10 per cent of all economic journals by file downloads.

The Monitor publishes high-quality peer-reviewed articles on productivity issues, trends and developments in Canada and other countries and serves as a vehicle for the international discussion of productivity topics. We do not charge submission fees for these articles. Print and online versions are published twice a year in English. The articles are largely nontechnical in nature and understandable to a wide audience of productivity researchers and analysts as well as the general public. The publication is distributed electronically to anyone interested in productivity issues on a complimentary basis.

Current Issue

Number 40, Spring 2021



Table of Contents 

Andrew Sharpe and Bart van Ark
Editors' Overview 

David M. Williams
Pay and Productivity in Canada: Growing Together, Only Slower than Ever 

This article was featured in The Globe and Mail. The link to the article is available here.

Guanyu Zheng, Hoang Minh Duy and Gail Pacheco
Benchmarking the Productivity Performance of New Zealand's Frontier Firms 

Kyoji Fukao, YoungGak Kim and HyeogUg Kwon
The Causes of Japan's Economic Slowdown: An Analysis Based on the Japan Industrial Productivity Database 

Mary O'Mahony and Lea Samek
Measuring the Volume of Services Industries Output and Productivity: An Audit of Services Producer Price Indices in OECD Countries 

Don Drummond
ViewPoint: Canada Should Establish An Equitable Growth Institute 

This article was featured in The Hill Times. The link to the article is available here.

Bart van Ark
Putting Together the Pieces of the Productivity Puzzle: Review Article of Productivity Perspectives and Productivity and the Pandemic 

Bert M. Balk
Productivity Measurement with Data Envelopment Analysis and Stochastic Frontier Analysis: A Review Article on Measurement of Productivity and Efficiency: Theory and Practice 

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