CSLS Roundtable Report on
Creating a More Efficient Labour Market
On February 26-27, 2001 at the request of Human Resources Development Canada, the Centre for the Study of Living Standards (CSLS) held an invitational stakeholder roundtable in Ottawa on the topic of creating a more efficient labour market. The specific objectives of the roundtable were to examine the recommendations of the report of the Expert Panel on Skills released in February 2000 and to gauge support for future action in the area of skills and learning. Over 70 persons participated in the roundtable, with representation from leading members of the business, labour, public policy, non-governmental organizations, and academic communities as well as senior representation from federal government departments and provincial governments.

The event was opened on the evening of the first day by the Honourable Jane Stewart, Minister of Human Resources Development with a speech entitled "Investing in Skills, Canadians and Canada's Future." On the second day, roundtable discussion was organized around four specific topics: ways to improve the effectiveness of sector councils; the role of the labour market information system in improving labour market efficiency; the effectiveness of immigration in meeting the current needs of the labour market; and the strengths and weaknesses of the Canadian apprenticeship system. At the beginning of each session, four persons very knowledgeable about the topic from the private sector, government, and academia served as lead speakers to stimulate discussion.

The documents posted on this website include a report that synthesizes the deliberations of the roundtable and makes recommendations based on these discussions and the actual proceedings of the event. These proceedings include the speech by the Minister; the remarks from the lead speakers; the ensuing discussion; and the remarks by the rapporteur Arthur Kroeger. A list of the roundtable participants and the biographical sketches of the lead speakers are also included.

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