International Productivity Monitor, Number 44

International Productivity Monitor

Number 44, Spring 2023


Table of Contents 

Andrew Sharpe and Bart van Ark
Editors' Overview 

Dirk Pilat
The Rise of Pro-Productivity Institutions: A Review of Recent Developments 

Josh Martin and Jon Franklin
Fuller Measures of Output, Input and Productivity in the Non-Profit Sector: A Proof of Concept for the United Kingdom 
The online appendix is available here 

Reitze Gouma and Robert Inklaar
Capital Measurement and Productivity Growth Across International Databases 

Abdul A. Erumban
The Falling Productivity in West Asian Arab Countries Since the 1980s: Causes, Consequences, and Cures 

Martin Neil Baily
Lessons from a Career in Productivity Research: Some Answers, A Glimpse of the Future, and Much Left to Learn 

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