International Productivity Monitor, Number 42

International Productivity Monitor

Number 42, Spring 2022



Table of Contents 

Andrew Sharpe and Bart van Ark
Editors' Overview 

Tero Kuusi, Martti Kulvik, and Juha-Matti Junnonen
Productivity Growth in Construction Value Chains 

Daniel Lind
The China Effect on Manufacturing Productivity in the United States and Other High-income Countries 

Ulrich Kohli
Trading Gains and Productivity: A Törnqvist Approach 
The PDF version of the appendix is available here 

Jay Stewart
Why Was US Labour Productivity Growth So High During the COVID-19 Pandemic? The Role of Labour Composition 

Symposium on Productivity and Well-being, Part I

Andrew Sharpe, Dan Sichel, and Bart van Ark
Introduction to the Symposium on Productivity and Well-being, Part I 

Jaimie Legge and Conal Smith
Well-being and Productivity: A Capital Stocks Approach 

Tim Hazledine
Trust, Deep Trust, Productivity and Well-being in 136 Countries 

Diane Coyle and Leonard Nakamura
Time Use, Productivity, and Household-centric Measurement of Welfare in the Digital Economy 

Nicholas Oulton
The Link Between the Standard of Living and Productivity in the UK: A Decomposition 

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