International Productivity Monitor, Number 40

International Productivity Monitor

Number 40, Spring 2021



Table of Contents 

Andrew Sharpe
Editor's Overview 
David M. Williams
Pay and Productivity in Canada: Growing Together, Only Slower than Ever 
Guanyu Zheng, Hoang Minh Duy and Gail Pacheco
Benchmarking the Productivity Performance of New Zealand's Frontier Firms 
Kyoji Fukao, YoungGak Kim and HyeogUg Kwon
The Causes of Japan's Economic Slowdown: An Analysis Based on the Japan Industrial Productivity Database 
Mary O'Mahony and Lea Samek
Measuring the Volume of Services Industries Output and Productivity: An Audit of Services Producer Price Indices in OECD Countries 
Don Drummond
ViewPoint: Canada Should Establish An Equitable Growth Institute 
Bart van Ark
Putting Together the Pieces of the Productivity Puzzle: Review Article of Productivity Perspectives and Productivity and the Pandemic 
Bert M. Balk
Productivity Measurement with Data Envelopment Analysis and Stochastic Frontier Analysis: A Review Article on Measurement of Productivity and Efficiency: Theory and Practice 

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