International Productivity Monitor, Number 4

International Productivity Monitor
Observateur international de la productivité

Number 4, Spring 2002


Andrew Sharpe
Recent Productivity Developments in the United States and Canada: Implications for the Canada-U.S. Productivity and Income Gaps 
A Note on Recently Revised Data and New Estimates of the Canada-U.S. Productivity and Income Gaps, June 4, 2002 
Someshwar Rao, Jianmin Tang and Weimin Wang
The Importance of Skills for Innovation and Productivity 
Unabridged version 
Gilbert Cette, Jacques Mairesse and Yusuf Kocoglu
Diffusion of ICTs and Growth of the French Economy over the Long-term, 1980-2000 
Unabridged version (French) 
Pascal Petit
The Roots of the New Economy: An Institutional Perspective 
Unabridged version 
Andrew Sharpe
What Have We Learned About Productivity in the Last Two Decades? A Review Article on New Developments in Productivity Analysis 

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