International Productivity Monitor, Number 36

International Productivity Monitor

Number 36, Spring 2019



Table of Contents 

Dale Jorgenson
Global and Regional Productivity and Economic Growth: The Fifth World KLEMS Conference 
Jon Samuels and Erich Strassner
Toward a Global Integrated Industry-level Production Account: A Proposal 
Robert Inklaar, Pieter Woltjer, and Daniel Gallardo Albarrán
The Composition of Capital and Cross-Country Productivity Comparisons 
Cecilia Jona-Lasinio and Valentina Meliciana
Global Value Chains and Productivity Growth: Does Intangible Capital Matter? 
Gang Liu
Structural Change and Productivity in the Market Economy of Mainland Norway, 1997-2014 
Nicholas Oulton
The UK and Western Productivity Puzzle: Does Arthur Lewis Hold the Key? 


Joji Tokui and Takeshi Mizuta
Japan's Prefectural-Level KLEMS: Productivity Comparisons and Service Price Differences 


Dale Jorgenson, Mun Ho, and Jon Samuels
Educational Intensity and the Sources of, and Prospects for, U.S. Economic Growth  
Corby Garner, Justin Harper, Thomas F. Howells III, Matt Russell, and Jon Samuels
New BEA-BLS Estimates of the Sources of U.S. Economic Growth between 1987 and 2016  


Matilde Mas, Andre Hofman, and Eva Benages
Knowledge Intensity in a Set of Latin American Countries: Implications for Productivity 

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