International Productivity Monitor, Number 33

Special Issue from the Fourth World KLEMS Conference

Number 33, Fall 2017



Table of Contents 

Dale Jorgenson
Productivity and Economic Growth in the World Economy: An Introduction 
Bart van Ark and Kirsten Jäger
Recent Trends in Europe's Output and Productivity Growth Performance at the Sector Level, 2002-2015 
Francisco Pérez and Eva Benages
The Role of Capital Accumulation in the Evolution of Total Factor Productivity in Spain 
André Hofman, Claudio Aravena and Jorge Friedman
Sources of Productivity and Economic Growth in Latin America and the Caribbean, 1990-2013 
Ariel Coremberg
Argentina Was Not the Productivity and Economic Growth Champion of Latin America 
Harry X. Wu, K. L. Krishna, Deb Kusum Das and Pilu Chandra Das
How Does the Productivity and Economic Growth Performance of China and India Compare in the Post-Reform Era, 1981-2011? 
Tsutomu Miyagawa, Miho Takizawa and Konomi Tonogi
Can Intangible Investments Ease Declining Rates of Return on Capital in Japan? 
Michael S. Christian
Net Investment and Stocks of Human Capital in the United States, 1975-2013 
David Byrne and Carol Corrado
ICT Prices and ICT Services: What Do They Tell Us About Productivity and Technology 
        Online Appendix A1 and A2  
Marcel Timmer
Productivity Measurement in Global Value Chains 

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