International Productivity Monitor, Number 32

Special Issue from the First OECD Global Forum on Productivity
Number 32, Spring 2017



Table of Contents 

Editors' Overview 
Antonin Bergeaud, Remy Lecat and Gilbert Cette
Total Factor Productivity in Advanced Countries: A Long-term Perspective 
Andrew Sharpe and James Uguccioni
Decomposing the Productivity-Wage Nexus in Selected OECD Countries, 1968-2013 
Cyrille Schwellnus, Andreas Kappeler and Pierre-Alain Pionnier
The Decoupling of Median Wages from Productivity in OECD Countries 
       Appendix Tables and Charts 
Chiara Criscuolo and Jonathan Timmis
The Relationship Between Global Value Chains and Productivity 
Emmanuel Dhyne and Cedric Duprez
It's a Small, Small World... A Guided Tour of the Belgian Production Network 
Giuseppe Berlingieri, Patrick Blanchenay, Sara Calligaris and Chiara Criscuolo
Firm-level Productivity Differences: Insight from the OECD’s MultiProd Project 
Andrea Linarello and Andrea Petrella
Productivity and Reallocation: Evidence from the Universe of Italian Firms 
       Appendix Tables and Charts 
Ricardo Pineheiro Alves
Portugal: A Paradox in Productivity 
Rudiger Ahrend, Alexander C. Lembcke and Abel Schumann
The Role of Urban Agglomeration for Economic and Productivity Growth 
Edwin Lau, Zsuzsanna Lonti and Rebecca Schultz
Challenges in the Measurement of Public Sector Productivity in OECD Countries 
       Appendix Tables and Charts 
Sean Dougherty and Andrea Renda
Pro-Productivity Institutions: Learning from National Experience 

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