International Productivity Monitor, Number 24

International Productivity Monitor
Number 24, Fall 2012


Editor’s Overview 
Dale W. Jorgenson
The World KLEMS Initiative 
Barbara M. Fraumeni
Human Capital Productivity: A New Concept for Productivity Analysis 

A Symposium on the Measurement of Multifactor Productivity in Canada
W. Erwin Diewert and Emily Yu
New Estimates of Real Income and Multifactor Productivity Growth for the Canadian Business Sector, 1961-2011 
Appendix 1: Explaining Real Income Growth: The Translog Approach
Appendix 2: Business Sector Data on Outputs and Inputs for Canada, 1961-2011
Wulong Gu
Estimating Capital Input for Measuring Business Sector Multifactor Productivity Growth in Canada: Response to Diewert and Yu 
W. Erwin Diewert
Rejoinder to Gu on “Estimating Capital Input for Measuring Canadian Multifactor Productivity Growth” 
Paul Schreyer
Comment on “Estimating Capital Input for Measuring Business Sector Multifactor Productivity Growth in Canada” 
Michael J. Harper, Alice O. Nakamura and Lu Zhang
Difficulties Assessing Multifactor Productivity for Canada 
Peter Jarrett
The Long-term Outlook for Productivity and Per Capita Income Growth for Canada: A Comparison with Selected G-20 Countries 
Ricardo de Avillez
Sectoral Contributions to Labour Productivity Growth in Canada: Does the Choice of Decomposition Formula Matter? 
Christopher Ragan
The Political Economy of Economic and Productivity Growth: An Interview with Daron Acemoglu and James Robinson, Authors of Why Nations Fail 

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