International Productivity Monitor, Number 2

International Productivity Monitor
Observateur international de la productivité

Number 2, Spring 2001


Editor's Overview 
Andrew Sharpe
Determinants of Trends in Living Standards in Canada and the United States, 1989-2000 
Unabridged version 
Someshwar Rao, Ashfaq Ahmad, William Horsman, and Phaedra Kaptein-Russell
The Importance of Innovation for Productivity 
Unabridged version 
Barry P. Bosworth and Jack E. Triplett
What's New About the New Economy? IT, Economic Growth and Productivity 
Unabridged version 
Kevin J. Stiroh
Is IT Driving the U.S. Productivity Revival? 
Paul Schreyer
The OECD Productivity Manual: A Guide to the Measurement of Industry-Level and Aggregate Productivity 
Andrew Sharpe
Review Article on Productivity Growth in Canada and Industry-level Productivity and International Competitiveness Between Canada and the United States 

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