International Productivity Monitor, Number 19

International Productivity Monitor
Number 19, Spring 2010


Editor’s Overview 
Vivian Chen, Abhay Gupta, Andre Therrien, Gad Levanon and Bart van Ark
Recent Productivity Developments in the World Economy: An Overview from The Conference Board Total Economy Database 
Chris Ross and Alexander Murray
Aggregate Measures of Income and Output in Canada and the United States: Implications for Productivity and Living Standards 
Appendix Tables
Andrew Sharpe
Can Sectoral Reallocations of Labour Explain Canada's Abysmal Productivity Performance? 
Wulong Gu and Amelie Lafrance
Productivity Growth in Canadian and U.S. Regulated Industries 
Pamfili Antipa and Marie-Elisabeth de la Serve
International Comparisons of Industry-based Productivity Levels in the Financial and Business Service Sectors 

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