International Productivity Monitor, Number 15

International Productivity Monitor
Observateur international de la productivité

Number 15, Fall 2007


Editor’s Overview 
Paul Conway and Giuseppe Nicoletti
Product Market Regulation and Productivity Convergence: OECD Evidence and Implications for Canada 
Andrew Sharpe, Jean-Francois Arsenault, and Daniel Ershov
The Impact of Interprovincial Migration on Aggregate Output and Labour Productivity in Canada, 1987-2006 
Unabridged Version 
Dean Baker and David Rosnick
Productivity and Sustainable Consumption in OECD Countries: 1980-2005 
Harry X. Wu
Measuring Productivity Performance by Industry in China, 1980-2005 
Paul Schreyer
Old and New Asset Boundaries: A Review Article on Measuring Capital in the New Economy 

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