International Productivity Monitor, Number 10

International Productivity Monitor
Observateur international de la productivité

Number 10, Spring 2005


Editor’s Overview 
Someshwar Rao, Andrew Sharpe and Jeremy Smith
An Analysis of the Labour Productivity Growth Slowdown in Canada since 2000 
Unabridged Version [available soon]
Dirk Pilat
Canada’s Productivity Performance in International Perspective 
Paul Beaudry, Fabrice Collard and David A. Green
Explaining Productivity Growth: The Role of Demographics 
Gilbert Cette
Are Productivity Levels Higher in Some European Countries than in the United States? 
Noriyoshi Oguchi
Productivity Trends in Asia Since 1980 
Bart van Ark
In Search of the Silver Bullet for Productivity Growth: A Review Article of The Power of Productivity and Transforming the European Economy 

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