CSLS-ICP Conference on Happiness: Photos

Photos from the CSLS-ICP Conference on Happiness as a Goal for Public Policy
Event Sponsored by the Centre for the Study of Living Standards and the Institute for Competitiveness and Prosperity, December 1, 2010, Chateau Laurier Hotel, Ottawa, Ontario

Opening Remarks

John Helliwell

Session 1: The Determinants of Happiness

Andrew Sharpe

…ric NoŽl

Session 2: Public Policy and Happiness

David Gyarmati

Aileen Simkins


Roger Martin

Session 3: Specific Public Policies to Promote Happiness

Patrick Dion

Sue Johnson

Session 4: Is Rising Income Needed for Sustaining and Increasing Happiness?

Dan Sacks

Jason Rentfrow

Session 5: Panel on Happiness as an Objective of Public Policy

    Alan Nymark

    Don Drummond

    Mel Cappe

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